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My boots are cracked

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Arn't they supposed to last for ever, they are only 21 years old (sr95 Snapper Classic) just kidding actually . I bought this rer 2 years ago, she is pretty minty. I'll order some new boots this week. Any body else that has done this job suggest any other part replacement while I'm in there?
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You may not know everything for sure until you get it apart.

Get the black rubber boots, the boots where both are the same. There's an older model out there where the boots are a plastic-like material, usually cream colored or brown colored, that don't last as long.

Before you take anything apart lift your rer up on it's but and check for side to side play. There is supposed to be something like 1/16th of an inch (maybe a bit more, someone will likely chip in with the correct amount) of side to side play. If there's more there are nylon spacers you put on your axle when you have it apart.

You'll also probably need a tube or bottle of 00 grease to top off your gearboxes.

On other threads about boot changes are Walt's instructions. They're good instructions.
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