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My 446 carb drives me INSANE!

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I have a 446 and I just put in a new brass float. Ever since I put it in, gas pours out the top of the carb. I set it to 1/8" and no help. I tried everything!! My old fiber float didn't do this. What could it be? The needle is clean, it has a electric pump. Any help would be great!! thanks
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I had the same problem. My tractor would run with the needles closed!
The pump is the problem. You have to much pressure for the float to over come so gas is pouring by the seat.
I solved my problem by rebuilding the factory pump. Works great now.
Or you can get a pump with proper pressure or limit the flow with a regulator.
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Thanks everyone. There is no gas in the float. Also about the fuel pump. It is a DD carb. What i meant was i need to find the other parts to the fuel pump because the only thing that is part of the fuel that is on the carb is the end piece where the fuel line connects too. I will get some pictures of the carb and float later today. I am leaning towards that the pump is too powerful. The pump was on there when i got it so who knows it could be putting out way to much pressure. Also, the float gap is about 1/8"-3/16" and the float only moves up and down like 1/16 of an inch. Is that normal? It moves freely and I can see the needle opening and closing. Could I lower the pressure on the pump by adding another filter or wouldn't that help? The pump is back where the fuel tank is, so there is about 3-4 feet of hosing plus a filter before it gets to the carb. I will tinker with it some more tonight and hope I get it running perfect! Thanks!
Adding a filter will not lower the pressure. You can add a regulator though or a different pump. But by that time you would have spent more than an original pump would have cost.
My tractor ran when I got it but the pump had far to much pressure for this application. Gas would pout down the throat from the top float bowl gasket. And I had installed new gaskets in the carb. Since I rebuilt the original pump it has run very well.
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