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My 1st Wheel Horse !!!

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I guess this year has been my lucky year for scoring some good old tractors .I found a very nice Allis Chalmers B112 for $125.00. I then found a 42 inch deck for it for $50.00. Now, I just have to share my newest find(my first Wheel Horse). Its a C160 with a K341 engine for $100.00 just yesterday. Im gonna have alot of fun restoring this year.


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You realize you practically stole that? That is worth more than 5 times that!!! If I didn't have to work for a living, I could drive around all day 5 days a week and still not find a deal like that!

Geeez! Even I never came across such a steal of a deal!

It really looks great!
I got my 520H for $500 and I'm drooling over the deal you got! I was looking for a C series when I found the 520.

C's...One of the greatest lawn Tractor series ever!:fing32:

Check to see if the Mower deck has been upgraded to the grease able bearing's on the pulley's. If it has them...It's even a better deal!
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WOW--what a deal!! Congrats!! Worth much more than that......

Does it run o.k.? and the deck work good?

Get the owners and parts manuals for it and sit down and do some reading.

Where abouts in Carolina are you?

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Nice score. The deck looks in good shape too.
You will enjoy how well it mows if you use it for such duty.

i got my 520H for 75 bucks im not impressed..... and my brother got his old C160 for free from an old lady, she couldnt figure out you haad to push the clutch in to start it haha !
Good lick!Yours is one of the very few I've seen with a deck.What a price!!!I'd love to come across a deal like that.:fing32:
A great deal, a super Stallion!

Good luck fixin' anything, won't be difficult and certainly worthy of your attention! Very nice! :fing32:
You certainly got great deals on your tractor and implements. Old Wheel Horses here go for a lot of money. In Buffalo and WNY area, they are very popular. Totally beat, rusted ones fetch $400 or more. A typical 520H may go for $1500-2000. My beat to a pulp 520H was $750 and you never find them here. Had to drive to Detroit to buy my 42" single stage blower. A tractor like your C160 would be $1000+ here and would fetch it. Just how it is. I actually got tired of looking for a C160 hydraulic model, they were too far away or the one near me was over $800 in decent shape. Settled on the 520H but soon found, it was what I was looking for. Lot of money and 2 years of time restoring it, but it is a fun tractor. Besta luck!
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Well all I can say is bend over and let someone pull that horse shoe out.:sidelaugh
Well Guys, thanks for the comments...I I have had quite the lucky streak this summer. I gonna have to get to work on making them purdy now.I will post more pics as things start to come together...
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