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My 1978 JD 312 project pictures

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Well, here it is. My deceased grandfathers 1978 JD 312. It's been sitting for quite a few years now, and I've decided to "restore" it. I've already got lots of help from thanks!
You might see my little JD111 I rebuilt a few years ago...

It doesn't look like much, it's a little more rusty than I was hoping, but I think it's worth it. It only has the single hydraulic deck control valve, so as far as I understand I need to get a H3 control valve to operate some hyd goodies? Any input is much appreciated

thanks again,



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That 314's single valve will operate the rear sleeve hitch if you get one, and raise and lower any front attachments you might get. The only exclusion I can think of is you can't power angle the front snow plow.

unless the other hydraulic lines are blocked off, it will try and move any cylinder in the circuit?...right. Wouldn't you have to isolate the individual hyd. circuits, to control one thing at a time?

thanks man!
The rear sleeve hitch uses the same cylinder as the mower deck. The lift rod for the hitch goes back inside the frame and connects to the rockshaft (most likely you would have the mower deck off if plowing a garden or pulling a rear scraping blade or rake). Front attachments like the snowblower and front blade come with their own cylinder. You can lock the mower rockshaft cylinder to speed up the front attachment, or you can get used to the front attachment lagging a little until the center rockshaft reaces it full travel and stops, and then the front one will speed up. Sounds a LOT worse than it is. I guess my point is that it is expensive to add the second or third hydraulic circuit to the tractor for what you get back out of it with standard attachments. Now if you have big plans of running a tiller on the rear at the same time you want to use the front blade with power angle, then the extra circuits become a necessity.
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