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My 1975 SS16 progress :D

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I have been picking away at the minor little things on my new SS16 trying to get it all squared away. so far I have:
Installed new brass float (the fiber one was severely cracked and bloated)

Drained the tank out (it had water and flourescent green gas in it)

Replaced fuel line (it had vinyl or pvc line that was hard and rigid- held its shape when I took it out)

Replaced fuel filter with a sintered one

swapped the rear tires out because they were going flat

Tried to put the chains on that I got with it but they are for 20x8-8 tires so I think I will extend them or take them apart and make some killer chains for my ags

I tuned the carb, put in new plugs, new wires, and man does it run nice!

Now I found out the muffler has one blown baffle so I need a new one, or a stack :D and I need to change the oil.
It needs a new drive belt because it is a 1/2 inch one in it now so it feels funny when I let the clutch out but I have a spare correct size one, and the parking brake needs to be adjusted.

Getting there quickly - I really like this one!
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Cool!:fing32: We need pictures.
Is the trans full? Mine was empty or almost empty. Good thing i checked it before I drove it around.
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