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My 140 is almost ready to plow some snow

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I wanted to post some recent pics of my '68 140 after cleaning and a freshen up... I have decided to mow with my 214 and plow with the 140, for now anyway. I may switch in the spring... I still need to clean the tires but I wanted to get some pics and post them now. I do have the headlight bezel but I am in the process of rebuilding one of the mounting brackets with fiberglass.


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Sharp machine, looks almost to nice to use!

I like those rear tires, nice and wide. What are they?
And put the Grille Emblem back on, for KATT's sake. :fing32:
Looks great :fing32:

Your 68 H-3 looks great !!
Newbie, looking real good there! Cleaned up real nice and it's obvious it's getting the TLC it deserves!
The tires are Carlyle 23 x 10.5 - 12's. They do look nice in that rear picture
Looks good, I wish mine was that shiny.
Very nice job! Let's see some more when you get the blade on. You mention that you decided to mow with the 214. Do you have decks for both of them? I'd like to mow with my 214, but I only have a deck for the 140, it would be nice if I could get that deck to fit my 214.
Yeah, I have a deck and blade for my 214. It it hydraulic and I love how it cuts the grass. I found the 140 in my local paper about a month ago and it came with a 4 way blade and deck. They also had an 80 cart but wanted to much for the cart. The steering on the 140 is a little sloppy but I love driving it. I also have chains for both which help out a lot. Here is a pic of the 140 a couple days after I bought it along side my 214.


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Looks like 2 completely different tractors since you freshened it up. slkpk
Wow!! Great job "freshening" up that 140 H3.... You got alot done to it in a months time. How much did they want for the 80 cart, just out of curiosity?
The owner wanted 200.00 and it needed a total refresh. Sat outside most of its life. I just missed an 80 cart at an auction that went for 155.00 it looked to be at least 80 or 85 percent.
nice ride!

the extra wide ags look great!
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