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MW/Gilson tiller

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A little off the tractor topic- I'm sorry, but it is small engine related.

I have a 1974 Ward's tiller that was rescued from the boneyard. The engine is a 5HP Briggs horizontal shaft. The engine runs well and doesn't burn any oil, etc, but the carb is in pretty bad shape. It is the old diaphragm carb that bolts directly to the gas tank. It has the old plunger style choke. Is there a rebuild kit out there for this relic, or should I replace it with something else?

Also- how do you set the govenor linkage on this beast? The govenor linkage was disturbed/removed, and I don't think it is back on in the right place. Controlling the engine speed is pretty dicey. Full on or nothing...

Thanks in advance.
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I just put a new diaphragm on a similar engine (5hp Briggs on a Plow Hoss). You can look numbers up online or your LPS and I'm sure you'll find what you need. Even after cleaning mine, I can't get it to run right, and I'm baffled because it is so simple.:dunno: Good luck with yours.
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