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MW/Gilson tiller

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A little off the tractor topic- I'm sorry, but it is small engine related.

I have a 1974 Ward's tiller that was rescued from the boneyard. The engine is a 5HP Briggs horizontal shaft. The engine runs well and doesn't burn any oil, etc, but the carb is in pretty bad shape. It is the old diaphragm carb that bolts directly to the gas tank. It has the old plunger style choke. Is there a rebuild kit out there for this relic, or should I replace it with something else?

Also- how do you set the govenor linkage on this beast? The govenor linkage was disturbed/removed, and I don't think it is back on in the right place. Controlling the engine speed is pretty dicey. Full on or nothing...

Thanks in advance.
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Hi John that is pretty much the carb that is easiest and simple to use on those engines you can get rebuild kits but if the engine is running and starts good you may not need to rebuild it as for the gov linkage you'll need a B&S manual to check how it all goes together. I probably have the same tiller but its in a storage shed now and I can't get to it, but I'll look in my shop to see ig I have a 5 Briggs there to see how it all goes. Those are pretty good tillers good luck.
GB in MN is correct about the carburetor being easy to rebuild. Some pick-up tubes are no longer available so insure the pick-up tubes are in good shape or available before you spend money.

Post model numbers from tiller and engine. I may have an owners/parts manual (free) for your tiller. Post the numbers and I will see. There are a few, very few, parts available for Gilson tillers.

I operated a Gilson tiller for about 30 years. It would not hold oil in the transmission and seals were not available. I installed a zerk fitting and shot it full of grease. I ran it for years this way. Then the Tecumseh ignition coil quit and they are not available. Gave it away for parts.

Carb repair links;
I just put a new diaphragm on a similar engine (5hp Briggs on a Plow Hoss). You can look numbers up online or your LPS and I'm sure you'll find what you need. Even after cleaning mine, I can't get it to run right, and I'm baffled because it is so simple.:dunno: Good luck with yours.
I too have an old MW/Gilson tiller; Model 39032 D, I am looking for a manual or at least the drive belt routing. I have found that any parts information can be found at the lawn boy service site. They can give you old and new numbers.
This belt is 3/8 X 46 and the problem is that I think it has a twist in it somewhere around the top of the forward/reverse pulleys. It only has one drive belt and one tine belt.
Books and parts lists are still available on the B&S website. I was there last month with a 1958 vintage 3 hp horiz. carb part lookup. The customer service person was very helpful, sending out the correct parts fact sheet via email. Pics there, too.
I ordered one part thru my local NAPA auto parts store, next day delivery. Other part thru B&S direct. And a third thru eBay.
Another source of Gilson/MW info is the Gilson Collectors group on, either in their files or post a question. There is also a Gilson Snowblower group up there which is very helpful.
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