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Must be an easier way.

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Working on a MF axle knee assembly, shaft on the axle measures 1.495 aprx. the the installed bushing on the axle tube measures 1.478 after I've used a brake hone on it a while. The hone is too dang fine and keeps plugging up and yes I'm using a honing oil. At this rate I'll be installing axle shaft in axle this time next year. So am I stuck trying to find somebody with an 1.5 tapered reamer or is there another idea. Thanks.
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If you lived close to me, I'd let you borrow my old wrist pin bushing hone. You can put any grit honing paper in it you want. Use a rougher grit to rough it out, then fine, to bring it on home.

Other wise, find a local engine rebuild shop, or small machine shop that could do the job.
I'm also wondering if dry ice will shrink the axle enough to slip the bushing on..??
That would be way to tight even if you were to shrink it enough. Best to check around and see if you can rent/beg/borrow a reamer. Besides using a hone you will not be able to keep the bushing true to the bore.

Bet you can guess how I know this.
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