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murry with extra axle

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i am trying to find the pics i had seen on here of a priject another member completed . he took a murry i belive and added another axle behind the rear and put a bed on top of it if any one could help it would be great . thanks
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I don't recall that, but I've slept since that was on here , so I've forgotten about it! I do remember a Cub Cadet done that way, or similar. I also remember a AC, or maybe it was a Ingersol that the body was turned around and it had a "rear engine" with rear steering. Look in the homemade lawnmower and equipment. You might run into it.
thanks for the help guys it was actually armybiker03 who i was thinking of but all i could find was the pic in his avator
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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