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murry 21 hp pics and up-date

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first of all i would like to thank all who expressed interest and took the time to help me.....thank you
well i kept the flywheel on and decided to go for the heads first and this is what i found.......removed head on right side (passenger side)yes i can add another seat if i want too ! LOL (somebody has to hold my beer ) this piston does not move at all and valves open and shut and i noticed some surface rust at top of cylinder wall then i removed head on left side( this is where i sit ! ) this piston moves and valves open and shut,i took a chance for buying it for $50 but i enjoy working on small engines and will not let this put me down as i will remove engine and take it apart to see what the problem is and fix it if not too much $$
i would appreciate any input and what would be the next direction to go to possibly save this engine.................i look forward to all that may respond


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Remove the engine and get going on tearing it down. Or.........try to find another engine.
what do you think it is that piston will not move on one cylinder.......piston rod broke or maybe something surprised i did not here any sloppy noise in the engine (like knocks) when i rebuilt the starter turned it over with the key ignition
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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