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Murray vs Garden Way Tiller

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Have an 18 HP Murray, 10 years old, running fine and just got a Garden Way 28" tiller attachment. Wondering if this is "good" match.

The tiller is a model 14006 and has a hookup that requires a mounting bracket. Cant find any reference to it anyware.

Could there be a "universal" bracket that this uses to bolt to the Murray? It has two inverted hooks on top and a slide pin on the bottom.

I'm hoping that once I get it mounted, the pulley system from the mower deck and the lift lever from the deck will be utilized for the tiller.

Any input on this bracket for the tractor to "accept" the tiller would be greatly appreciated!

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:MTF_wel: and good luck with your project. slkpk
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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