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Murray snowblower

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Well i went ahead and got the 24571 Haban made snow blower. Owner says it comes with several different sets of mounting brackets. So maybe i won't have too much trouble getting it to work. Seller says unit was only used two or three times, and pictures support that. Will pick it up tomorrow for $250.
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Is there anyway to get pics of blower and brackets you got posted, I might be able to help you out.
Also need pics of tractor frame ( in front of rear wheel under foot rest) (frame rail just behind front axle to mid tractor)
Check out the thread Brackets for Fins59 Haban snow blower here in the Murray forum.
Was wondering how you were making out.
1. how much difference in blower frame width and mounts once they are bolted in.
2.Are your brackets straight down or do they have an offset bend ( similiar to the ones pics)
3. Possible fix: split the difference , space the bracket inward with washers or plate.
Now for the fun part,:banghead3:banghead3:banghead3
When you tried getting the clutch pulley pass the cross member, was the clutch unit adjusted all the way back ( 3 9/16ths or 5/8ths bolts on bottom,1 lock-nut and adjuster bolt on bottom towards the front of unit. It will still be tight squeeze. Changing belts can be more challenging, sliding that unit back in forth.
My GT, which is what I'm using now for snow removal has that cross-member cut, easier mounting unit and belt changing. My LT has cross-member intact has been delegated to grass duty's.
YEP its a wee bit of a bear to wiggle on (note that it will gain weight over summer months)
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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