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Murray snowblower

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Well i went ahead and got the 24571 Haban made snow blower. Owner says it comes with several different sets of mounting brackets. So maybe i won't have too much trouble getting it to work. Seller says unit was only used two or three times, and pictures support that. Will pick it up tomorrow for $250.
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Thanks for the offer!. I am going to look this over and see if i can figure out what info i will need. I still have to unload it from my truck
Pictures were very helpful. Looks like the brackets that came with the blower will work after if drill some new holes in the frame. Not sure about interference with the mower deck lift mechanism. I will know a lilttle more tomorrow. Have the blower on a moving pallet and will move it under the tractor tomorrow. thanks for the info.
Still working on the mounting. Brackets on the blower frame were narrower that the tractor frame. Also a crossmember on the tractor that supports the floorboards has to be modified as the blower clutch pulley mount hits it. I have removed for now, but looks like i will have to cut and weld a new support. Tough to work on this thing, it is heavy.
The brackets were very similar to the ones pictured, but they didn't have and offset bend. I did just what you suggested. I spaced out the rear bracket on the blower frame, and spaced in the front brackets on the tractor frame. The blower clutch pulley was another matter. The crossmember that holds the braces for the front of the floorboards drops down and hits the the top of the clutch pulley frame. I was able to make a change to get the clutch mechanism to work because the blower came with two styles of bell cranks allowing me to install the one which would work. Changing belts will be a challenge, and i am lucky that they are both in good condition, having only been used a few times. Big problem now is getting the tractor started. It has been sitting for several years due to a bad ignition switch and my use of my Ford 601 loader tractor for snow removal the last few years. Last year the blowing snow created such a huge drift that i spent many hours just getting the tractor out of the quonset building and up to the driveway. A lot of loading backing and dumping. Not fun. Even when i got to the driveway it was tough trying to push that much snow uphill. That convinced me that a snowblower was the way to go.
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