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Murray Is Back In The USA

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Briggs & Stratton are now selling Murray baged MTD mowers to sell at Wally World :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3



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I guess the sad reality is people want to pay as little as possible for their garden tractors.

Enthusiasts (like the folks on this forum) know they can buy older machines that will last nearly forever and are worth rebuilding when they wear out. But, just ask your neighbors if they would replace their lawnmower with a new model before their old one is flat-out dead :biglaugh:

People come into my shop all the time looking for a "good used" garden tractor and I tell them I've never seen one. It's like finding an "affordable" apartment in New York City, check the obituaries :goodl:

At least Briggs is still headquartered in Wisconsin and actually employs Americans. I think we all know why stuff isn't made the way it used to be anymore, at least the name is being kept alive by Briggs and not Cheng Hua Corp.

John Matthews
Heartbeat Power
You make some good points, especialy about Briggs being HQed here

And as for good used, if you found something old then its probably good, My 1989 Snapper with the 12.5 twin briggs out cuts my 18hp Craftsman, out cut my 18 hp Murry, and does better than the new 18 twin engines, just something about old stuff ...... I just got a 1969 18HP Evinrude and the impeller went out so of course it overheated, LOCKED UP, and after the new impeller it runs perfect, now try that with a new outboard .

Same reason most all my "rides" are old (88 Ranger, 89 Camaro, 95 36' Residency motorhome [Ford 460]) they are easy to work on the computers are primitaive in them. I also got a 05 Accord, dont get me wrong that V6 flys and has tons of power, but its a #&^$% to work on and does not have the build of the older stuff

OK :sorry1: for my rant on not wanting new stuff :trink39:
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