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Murray Is Back In The USA

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Briggs & Stratton are now selling Murray baged MTD mowers to sell at Wally World :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3



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I am left speechless You Know they Had Been Using Husqvarna Outside of the U.S. in recent years for Garden tractors under the Murray Name I don't Know why thy Just don't start Producing the Brand In House instead of sub contracting it out.
Just to clarify, I believe 98Murray is eluding to the fact that Murray as a brand name has not been sold in the United States since 2005, he is not questioning the country of origin.
Lokos like its not just MTD building the mowers...

Husqvarna® and MTD Products Inc. will manufacture the
select Murray models. The products consist of nine models, all of which
are powered by Briggs & Stratton® engines.
It seems the Husqvarna "Murray" was/is available in the South American market.
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Back as Murray was Going Under they started to Make some machines Overseas just Prior to Briggs Buying there assets Because they owed Briggs 40Million it Might have Been Less:thThumbsU
From what I understand from an interview with a former employee at the Lawrenceburg plant, Murray outsourced some production, which turned out to be a HUGE mistake as they could no longer fulfill demand for emergency orders such as snow blowers. By the time they moved all production back to the states, it was too late. Coupled with the rest of the existing issues Murray was going through at the time apparently it was too much to recover from.

Of course to a purist like myself, Murray has not built anything since August of 2005.
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Ideally I would have loved to see Briggs halt production back in 2005, clear out whatever incompetent management they had or didn't have in the Tennessee offices, and then bring the brand back stronger than ever. For me to see that entry level mtd branded as a Murray product, well never mind, I better stop there.
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