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Murray Is Back In The USA

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Briggs & Stratton are now selling Murray baged MTD mowers to sell at Wally World :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3



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I am left speechless You Know they Had Been Using Husqvarna Outside of the U.S. in recent years for Garden tractors under the Murray Name I don't Know why thy Just don't start Producing the Brand In House instead of sub contracting it out. Now I owned a Murray 12 Hp Lawn tractor In the Past with the Only Tecumseh engine That Never Gave Me a Problem Heck I bought the Murray Used even Only Problem I Had with it I had to Hold the PTO lever to keep it engaged when Mowing the Lawn and I had to replace a Nut that Came off the steering arm to the front axle Other than that is was a Great Lawn tractor and did very well with a Front Blade for snow removal. Another thing I always Liked about Murray replacement Parts Never cost very Much so it was a decent Machine to repair and for the Price You Paid for a Murray they were rather reliable Machines Compared to other in that same Price Bracket . I have to say I’m sad To see it as another MTD Clone. It’s too Bad Murray had Lost the Scotts Lawn & Garden tractor Contact Because they Never really recovered from the Money they spent re-tooling They Might Have still been there own company today:thThumbsU
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The Murray’s In Europe Don't Look To Bad. Looks Like there Based On the Simplicity Regent at least the Hood

Just thought I would show the south and Central American Garden tractor as well

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The South American one looks like a Husqvarna/AYP product. Reminds me of my 2003/4 craftsman gt5000.
Sorry for the confusion I should have said the Bottom One was Made by Husqvarna/AYP But I was Just Putting the Picture Out to show that MTD Is Not the Only Manufacture of the Murray Tractors and the HOP/AYP Garden tractor Model is Only available In 6 speed Gear But I was Just trying to Point Out the European models are actually Built By Briggs Outdoor Power:thThumbsU
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Looks like what MTD did with Bolens. Compare the new units to those of 30 years ago and it's beyond black and white.

My parents bought a new Murray snowthrower a couple years back from Menards and it says "made in china" on model number sticker way at the bottom of the machine. I'm told by B&S cust. service that B&S engines are made here in the USA with USA and "global" parts. Not sure about the murray tractors though.
Back as Murray was Going Under they started to Make some machines Overseas just Prior to Briggs Buying there assets Because they owed Briggs 40Million it Might have Been Less:thThumbsU
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