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Murray Identity Crisis

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Hello, everyone. I got a Murray here I just can't ID. The best I can place it is around '93-'96. The engine was made February 12 in 1982, 1992, or 2002. All I need is the model number, the sticker has faded into illegibility. Any and all help is welcome.


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You are are correct on the year range [93-96]. Is that a 46" deck? Looks to be. Most of those had Briggs twins in them. If that was a Briggs twin it would be a model 46901. What is the HP on that tec?
It's a 46" deck alright, but it has a 16.5 HP Tecumseh Enduro engine. I am not certain if it's original, but I'm guessing it is.
Thanks for the confirmation on the deck size, looked to narrow depth wise to be a 42 but I try not to assume, it leads to bad info. Besides, now that I click on your picture the 46" designation is visible in the pic lol.

Let me poke around a little and see if I can get you a definite model #. If you are just after certain parts like bearings or blades we can figure that out easy enough as most models shared the same parts and pieces.

Did you happen to check under the seat for a tag? If there is no tag, check for an engraving.

Walmart at one time engraved model and sku numbers under the seat, around the seat bracket, not on the seat pan itself, in house. It's worth a look see.

Looks like you have a 46907A, that Tec is original. Here is a link to an ipl.

I do not order from there, I just used them for reference. I and many of the guys on my Murray board have good luck with if you need to order online.

If you need anymore help just ask.

bby the Murray guy.
That looks to be it, Thanks a bunch! Now to stamp the number on the metal of the tractor....

No problem, happy to help!
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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