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Murray Identity Crisis

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Hello, everyone. I got a Murray here I just can't ID. The best I can place it is around '93-'96. The engine was made February 12 in 1982, 1992, or 2002. All I need is the model number, the sticker has faded into illegibility. Any and all help is welcome.


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You are are correct on the year range [93-96]. Is that a 46" deck? Looks to be. Most of those had Briggs twins in them. If that was a Briggs twin it would be a model 46901. What is the HP on that tec?
I agree with the years, but looks like a 42" deck or smaller. The scalp wheels are not out wide enough, imo, to be a 46"?
It's a 46" deck alright, but it has a 16.5 HP Tecumseh Enduro engine. I am not certain if it's original, but I'm guessing it is.
Well I have been mistaken before, but sure doesn't look 46"!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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