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Murray drive belt replacement, help?

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Hi everyone. I decided to install the new drive belt on my Murray riding lawn mower with the 42 inch deck, it was originally a 14hp model, model number is 42614X92A. Unfortunately, I failed to take a picture before removing the old belt, sorry for my ignorance there. Now I am unsure as to what specific route the belt takes, I have the basics done, it’s just the part of the belt that I circled in the picture below that I don’t know where it belongs. The diagrams I found online appeared to be for newer models. Thanks for any knowledge anyone has to help me out.
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So I found a diagram, and from the looks of it, the belt is supposed to go where I have doodled in yellow in the picture below, if I’m correct that is…
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Sometimes the belt routing is on a label on the bottom of the left floor board, visible from underneath the tractor.
The belt you are looking at in the red mark should make a straight shot for the rear pulley from the front pulley and has a lot of flopping slack when on the tractor properly.
It appears you have the other side (right side) around the clutch pulleys properly.

If you did not cut the old belt to get it off you failed to just reverse the removal procedure to install the new belt. (assuming the replacement belt is the correct one.
You can probably go to the Murray/MTD web site with the Model/ sn # and find a owners manual that shows the EXACT procedure.
I had not seen your 2nd post when I wrote this.
Yes it appears it should make a straight run on that side and sometimes a belt guide or RWO has to be loosened at the rear transaxle pulley to get the belt on the pulley. Make sure the belt is not on top of any of the belt guides at this area. Sometimes one of them is behind and hard to see and not easy to get loosened.

Also do not forget to put the nut back on that clutch idler pulley.
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Thanks for the reply Forest Gump.
FYI: The old belt was 94.5 inches. I only had to replace it because I put a new engine in the machine off of a hydro drive tractor and the pulley assembly was smaller. The new belt is 93 inches, I was thinking about getting a 93.5 if there’s such a thing, but I decided to see if the 93 inch.
I got the new belt installed, however, the brake pedal is questionable and the brakes only work when I’m in neutral... The pulley that is suppose to move when the brake pedal is applied is not moving very much as it should…
I’m thinking that I need to get a 93.5 inch belt instead…
I’m thinking that I need to get a 93.5 inch belt instead…
Just couple hints:
I've got doubts that a 1/2 inch longer belt is your cure. (seems strange to me you have GOOD brake in N but not in drive. Have you tried turning the 1/2 inch brake puck adjust nut in little bit further ln 1/8 inch increment turns and testing? (sometimes 1/4 turn will get it too tight so go slow when adjusting)

If you know for sure that the brake was OK BEFORE you made changes:

What you might try first instead of throwing money at a longer belt. (assuming their are no mechanical ROD linkage adjustments for such)
A 1/2 inch longer belt is going to MAYBE allow the clutch idler pulley assembly to move in little more when the clutch pedal is released. The brake operates just the opposite, when the clutch pedal is fully depressed, by the brake operating linkage at the rear transaxle and releasing the brake as the clutch pedal is slowly released. A longer belt is not going to let the brake clutch pedal go in FORWARD any further for more brake. The longer belt will only allow the pedal will have to come out further for drive.
To get a general idea of the clutch/brake operation you could remove the belt clutch idler pulley and see more movement of the clutch/brake linkages underneath or just test install the 94 1/2 inch belt to see more movement.
I'm just going from experience, I never did find a owners manual for your Murray.
Do you have a link to the owners manual and correct IPL? (the owners manual usually explains adjustments, etc
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I will take a closer look at the brakes, but they were working perfectly before I changed the drive belt. I couldn’t find an owner’s manual for my model number online…
Today I bought a 94 inch belt, to see if just a 1/2 smaller will prevent it from slipping off…
I got the 94 inch drive belt installed today. The brakes work better now. And the belt didn’t fall off, although, I didn’t drive too much. I’ll drive it more tonight or tomorrow and see what happens.
The machine works good now. I’ll reinstall the mower deck tomorrow. Thanks for the help everybody.
Does anyone know if these transmissions take fluid or if the fluid can be changed if there is any?
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