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Multi-Purpose Ballast Box/Box Blade

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I just couldn't see spending the money on a basically dead weight for a ballast box. I have been spending some of my weekends loading fill dirt into an 8-ton dump trailer and hauling it the ten miles to my house to better hide the septic mound in the landscape. I have used my 2305 to load 156 tons (estimating I get about 6 ton per load) so far and I needed more ballast on the back of my machine than I originally had with just the wheel weights bolted onto my box blade to get a more stable machine when loading the dirt into the trailer.

I decided to combine the features of a carry all, adjustable weight ballast box, and box blade. Seeing how we grow rocks in our yards around here, I have plenty of sources for weight that are easy to add and remove when needed. Here is what I ended up and it more than exceeded my expectations. It holds more weight than the 2305 can lift and also carries my shovels and garden tools. Plus when I start cutting wood this fall again I can empty out the box and load it with my woodcutting supplies. Only thing left to do is add a receiver hitch.

Boy what a DIFFERENCE the right amount of weight and a tooth bar make when it comes to the ability of this little tractor to work.
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That's very clever!

Make mine in Cat-0 please. :trink40:

There is no denying that should work well enough. I love seeing the ingenuity of our members! Good job. :fing32:
Very nice.. As they say Necessity is the Mother of All Inventions. I may have to clone that if I ever get where the 465lb Frontier BB2060 box blade is not enough.
Thank you for you comments. But it is not just about the weight it is also about the functionality and utility of my box blade now compared to before.
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