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My Cub Cadet LTX engine was getting progressively louder over the summer to the point where I couldn't tolerate the noise without headphones. I thought either the muffler is going bad/rusting or possibly old or low oil could be factors. When I was removing the muffler to inspect, I discovered that the bolts connecting the muffler flange to the engine were missing. Not loose. MISSING. Who knows how long they've been gone since the mounting brackets were still intact and holding the muffler in place. Sharing this as a reminder for weekend warriors like me to inspect all engine bolts periodically. I was 30 minutes away from buying a new muffler.

I've been pleased with the Cub Cadet overall, other than changing the oil. Apparently the engineers didn't give much thought to this process when designing the engine (2013 model) or they would have made several simple modifications to make it easier.

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Hi drauch01 and
2478936 think your cub is hard to change the oil on?...You should see my F150 馃榿

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I'd suggest taking the muffler off and inspecting both the head and the muffler flange for wear, as it would be vibrating there, and would start wearing one or the other once the gasket wore through (if it got that far). And replace the exhaust gasket as well...
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