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MTF's Machine of the Month - March 2012

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Congratulations to waterlooboy2hp's Custom Sears crawler! It was voted in as the Machine of the Month for March on MyTractorForum!
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Read all about it here:

Way to go, John! Some prizes are coming your way! A big thanks to Steiner Tractor, Miller Tire, and MobileHID for their continued support!

More pictures:
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Hey! Way to go! Beautiful machine!!!:fing32:
Congrats waterlooboy2hp (John). For your well deserved MTF Machine Of The Month.

Congrats!! :)

What a unique machine to say the least.
Congratulations Waterloo ! One of the most unique machines I've ever seen. Nice craftsmanship. Good Job!!!:congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::fing32:
Very nice job Waterlooboy! Congratulations! :thThumbsU
After conversing with John, due to the conglomeration of parts used, the crawler has been dubbed a Hoyt Clagwell Iron Trac.

No matter what it's called, I love it.
Congratulations!!! I love that little machine!
Congrats Waterloo, really cool crawler and fine workmanship too!!!
Congrats :) very cool looking dozer/tractor
Congrats! :congrats:
Beautiful machine you got there.:thThumbsU
What a stunning machine.. work of art really...
Congratulations! You really made a neat tractor !
Congrats that's one cool Custom, it must push some serious piles of dirt or snow etc nice work!
Congratulations on a fine looking machine..
:ditto::ditto: slkpk
Congrats - finally a machine I voted for wins! That is a very unique tractor.
Great build on that Waterlooboy! Couldn't have a better machine for our March honors!
My gosh, that is a fine set up! A work of art no dout! Congrats!:trink39:
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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