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MTF's Machine of the Month - February 2012

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Congratulations to Wingnut, with his 1928 Centaur G2. It was voted MTF's Machine of the Month for February 2012!
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Read about it here:

Wingnut will receive the following prizes:
One years Site Supporter
One Steiner Cap
One Steiner Mouse Pad
One Steiner Funnel
One Miller Pocket Knife
One 4" LED Work light from Mobile HID

Way to go, Wing! :thThumbsU
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Wingnut, Congrats. :trink39::trink39:
Wow what a neat tractor, love to see a video of it in action.
Congrats Wingnut! Fine looking Tractor!
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Congratulations, its awesome!
Very nice piece of history there! I'm sure it's a prized possession, truly deserving of ths honor of being the Machine of the Month! Congratulations.
Congrats Wing, that sure is a great looking machine!
Such an impressive tractor. On many levels. Congrats, Wing!
Thanks guys; it actually a 1928 the Central Tractor Company was in Bankruptcy that year and less than 1000 were produced this being 134 one built.
Centaur was design to use the horse drawn equipment of this era such as plows, trailers, etc. so the farmer would not have to buy new attachment to use it.

They were also guarantee for life (the company didn't last), this model was produced from 1927 to 1941 (WWII stop production) and was 8-10 horsepower. Over hundred thousand produced, with there unique small size most were sent to France after WWII rebuild the wine country. It was too small for US but perfect for Europe wine growers and small farm, 3 centaur take up as much room as one Fordson on a ship.

Special features 3 wheel steering (use your feet to control each back wheel), no brakes, top speed 1.5 mph, and horse/ox style drawl bar.

It was probably the first true Garden Tractor.

I have yet to start it, I am looking for a carburetor linkage and a chain guard.
Congratulations! That is one spit shined machine! You deserve the honor!
congrats wingnut looks great
:thThumbsU :congrats:
Yes--Sir--a fine pick of machine!!!

:trink40: Now get back to work on that Chevy Shop.....

:D a;fore you get old like me..............

Yes--Sir--a fine pick of machine!!!

:trink40: Now get back to work on that Chevy Shop.....

:D a;fore you get old like me..............

Yeah Yeah I going to get back to work on the Chevy Shop when the Cedar Pollen drop to nothing in the next 10 days. I can't work when the air is toxic.
Sweeet! :thThumbsU
Congratulations . ......
That is an absolutely beautiful restoration.
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