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yes we will be running a spring special on some blades for lawn mowers that we have these were bought from a local hardware store and im just trying to get them going out the door

to conserve shop space i will get a list together of the blade #s and what they fit and post them, here these are True value hardware mower blades some fit murray some fit ayp some fit mtd and some are the universal type im thinking on junking the universal ones cause i do not trust them on any mower but the others i will put on clearance very very very cheap prices too probily around $ 3.50 - $ 5.00 a blade or i might be nice and put 2 for the price of one just so we can get them gone out of our shop

so i can make room for a shipment of parts for the spring season and summer months

also we are on the virge of adding Oregon replacement parts in our store please bear with us as we add new products to that catalog

if you need a part please feel free to ask me you can ask the ones that have gotten materials from us on this site they will tell you we ship fast and we have fair prices

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