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The variable speed transaxle in my troybuilt is junk. I think its a '98 model,with the 18 h.p. twin cylinder and the axle model is 618-0307c......I've seen a few on ebay with the model no. 618-0073 and 618-0070,plus a few others but none with my numbers. Anyone know the differences or if they will work? I have another '96 model,17 h.p. with the axle model 618-0307 and it whines like crazy but at least the axle didn't wear through the housing like the 18 h.p., and its what I mow with now.Thanks for any info I can get

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Yes, if i recall correctly yours is similar to the last two I replaced, it has the variable speed pulley mounted directly on top of the trans next to the large pulley. Only this style will work, but there are numerous options of it. Double check to make sure that is the one.

618-0386 618-0386A
918-0386 918-0386A
618-0307 618-0307A
918-0307 918-0307A
618-0551 618-0551A
918-0551 918-0551A
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