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MTD Lawn Flight Help?

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Yesterday, I took a little diversion from my lbad and picked up something completely foreign to me but I just couldn't resist. I have never used or even seen one of these working first hand but I just had to have it. The problem now is trying to get some info on it. The i.d. plate on it has some hand scribed numbers on it and I'm not sure If they're all there because there's a scrape out of it. Any ideas as to how old it is? There seems to be a bunch of adjustments on it so I suspect set-up on this thing is critical but I don't have a clue as to where to begin.

Any help would be greatly appretiated...:praying:



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Thank you! I'll start there. :trink39:
Fiddled a little with it today but it has no spark. Cleaned the points to no avail so it looks like new points and condensor will be going in. Emailed MTD Canada with the model # 53-540-004 (I think) and the serial # 362264 so I'll have to wait to see if anything comes of that. Looking up the engine code (thanks bddbrn1) tells me it was built in '72 but I have no way of knowing if it's the original motor. The way the gas smells, it could be the original
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Just a little update. Mtd Canada was nice enough to send me a pdf manual of a '72 reel mower but it doesn't look anything like mine...they didn't find a match for the numbers I gave them. I changed the points and condensor, flushed out the fuel tank, changed the oil, and it is now a runner. I think I've figured out all of the adjustments I'll need to make so I guess I just need to find out where I can get the reel ground. I'm pretty sure it's too rough to just lap it with some abrasive compound. There is slight play in the wheel bushings but everything else is nice and tight.

I don't know what it'll be like to actually cut the lawn with it but it sure handles sweet...very manuverable and natural feeling. :fing32:
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Actually, this one seems pretty tame compared to some of the beasts I've seen on youtube. There is no clutch just raise the handle a couple of inches and away it goes. Let it go and it stops. I showed it off to my 68 year old mother and now she's thinking that this might be the right mower for her.:banghead3 Right now, when she cuts the grass herself she uses a self propelled "school bus" Lawn Boy I lent her but it's kind of clumsy for her small yard.
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