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MTD Lawn Flight Help?

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Yesterday, I took a little diversion from my lbad and picked up something completely foreign to me but I just couldn't resist. I have never used or even seen one of these working first hand but I just had to have it. The problem now is trying to get some info on it. The i.d. plate on it has some hand scribed numbers on it and I'm not sure If they're all there because there's a scrape out of it. Any ideas as to how old it is? There seems to be a bunch of adjustments on it so I suspect set-up on this thing is critical but I don't have a clue as to where to begin.

Any help would be greatly appretiated...:praying:



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Wow, it sure looks to be in great shape. As clean as it is, it looks like it was well cared for and all the mechanical bits should be in good condition. Does everything spin freely on the reel?

You might try contacting MTD directly, they were helpful for me in the past with a 60s vintage lawn tractor I had, so maybe they could help you out with your reel.

Briggs and Stratton engines can be dated by the engine codes stamped on the shroud.

Not familiar with what all there is on your Lawn Flight, it would take a closer look at the details down around the side and back end, but the most important adjustment on a reel mower is the reel to bed knife set up. The most common adjustment system on the reel mowers I have involve two screws on either side that raise and lower the bed knife's front edge, changing it's relationship to the reel. Old timers tell me that they're set right when you could just cut a sheet of news paper with them all the way across the reel.

I love old reel mowers. I've got 5 old Eclipse brand, and 3 Jacobsens. The "wicka wicka" noise they make when cutting is just plain neat.
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Great! I can tell you, mowing with a vintage powered reel mower is a hoot. Once they're in motion they'll throw out a shower of mowed grass, and if yours is like the ones I've had the chance to operate, they'll give you a work out just keeping up with them.
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