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MTD Lawn Flight Help?

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Yesterday, I took a little diversion from my lbad and picked up something completely foreign to me but I just couldn't resist. I have never used or even seen one of these working first hand but I just had to have it. The problem now is trying to get some info on it. The i.d. plate on it has some hand scribed numbers on it and I'm not sure If they're all there because there's a scrape out of it. Any ideas as to how old it is? There seems to be a bunch of adjustments on it so I suspect set-up on this thing is critical but I don't have a clue as to where to begin.

Any help would be greatly appretiated...:praying:



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Cool mower, Srisikie!! :)

You don't often see reel mowers with body covers like that as much, that is pretty cool. My guess is that it is a later built unit. It sure is in nice well preserved shape! Very clean. :fing32:

I second Bruce about looking up the year of the engine. This should give you an idea of when the mower itself was built. I would also contact MTD, give them your serial number and see what they can provide you with in terms of a date and possibly any other information like possibly an owners manual etc. If not, I would keep an eye out on Ebay for one.

Keep us updated and have fun with it! :) Have you tried using it yet or getting it running if it doesn't already?
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