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MTD 990 find!!

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Ok here is a Dayton 16 hp (AKA MTD 990) with 3pt, 54" snowplow, 50" deck, wheel weights, and chains. I asked if he would sell just the plow but said no.
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If it was me I would give him $650 for everything.
I would but i dont have any money to buy, or i would be there to get it. If any body has a plow I may be interested.
Timing is everything, just put that amount into my truck! Nice looking tractor!
Come on some body buy this!! I would but got no money.
I purchased this last night. It is a nice tractor powerful and runs good. The only thing bad I can say about it is under a heavy load it smokes a little bit but that doesn't bother me. Eventually I will rebuild the engine but for this year its fine as it is.
On a side note if anyone has an adapter to convert this 3pt to use some sleeve hitch attachments I already have I might be interested.
cityboy2977 makes them and sells them on here.
cityboy2977 makes them and sells them on here.
Nice Tractor and here is the link to cityboy's adaptor.
Very nice deal on that machine. Wish I would have had money for it. Post up some pictures of that beast!
Glad to see a forum member got it!

Sure is one of the best looking used ones I've seen.

Cityboy2977 is also a 990 owner, so he can mock up whatever you want to ensure it works on a 990.
Thanks for the info on the adapter. It is a beast of a tractor. I drove out after work and picked it up so I didn't get to do anything with it that night but the next morning i took it and the plow over to a rock pile and dozed them out flat and took it into my muddy garden (fresh rain that night) to see how the traction held up. Never spun a tire doing either job. I actually have another 990 parts tractor as well. I was going to rebuild the other 990 but I think I will just hold on to it for parts in case this one needs anything down the road. I figure this winter I will pull the engine off and rebuild it since it smokes some.
Kemery, that parts tractor wouldn't happen to have a scissor type deck you want to sell would it?
That 990 looks like it is in good condition.
I had a 990 and sold it about 4 years ago.
It is one of the tractors that I now regret ever selling.
Unfortunately the parts tractor has no deck or 3pt (broken ears)
I knew I wanted one of these tractors as my parts tractor is actually a multiple generation hand me down. It belonged to my grandfather, my father, and now me. Unfortunately while my father owned it the ears for the 3pt were snapped and the deck went bad. He parted out the deck since he never used it for mowing. The original engine blew and now it has a 9 horse thats to tall for the hood to close. I remember both my father and grandfather working this tractor hard and it never failed. The 3pt was actually broke by my mother she backed into the house and took the foundation out with it but she did it at an angle so it snapped the ears.
The 3pt was actually broke by my mother she backed into the house and took the foundation out with it but she did it at an angle so it snapped the ears.
The 990 took out the house foundation!?!?!?!?!

Now there's one to add to the 990 legends.
Its a tough tractor.... apparently tougher than a cement block foundation.
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