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Mtd 1400 old

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Hey guys I have a older MTD 1400 series lawn tractor with a 14 Hp Briggs motor and a 42" deck. I have a problem with it throwing the mower deck propeller shaft I beleave that I have found the problem I have noticed that the deck has alot of play front to back and I think that when driving forward cutting grass the deck moves back enough that it allows the pto shaft to get close enough to the end of the yoke on the deck that it just blows apart ?? It has come apart prolly 5 times on me now

Any thoughts ??
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Sounds like the deck carriage is well worn to let it go far enough back to disconnect the drive shaft.
Anywhere out there that I could get a measurement of the speacing of the holes so I can check see if they are repairable or if ill have to make new ones ?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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