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MS 271 —> happy FIL

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I don’t recall how he did it, but he won this purdy new toy. He done wore out his 029(?) or 028 Farm Boss over 30+ years, replaced it with a new MS 250 a couple years back because he’s getting older and needs a lighter saw. He never really got to liking the 250. It’s OK, but it’s just not the beefy high power cutting machine he was used to.

He won this in a raffle or something. It has made two cuts thus far. Sounds mean and feels awesome, albeit feels a bit heavier and maybe even higher quality than my previous generation MS 270. I can’t wait to do more than rev it up in my hands. I wish we had something to cut tonight. He seems pretty happy (pictures). I had a hard time fitting his smile into one picture. No doubt This saw will get many hundreds of hours of use over the next many years.


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It would be interesting to know if he had an 028 or 029, pretty big difference in build and quality between those two. :tango_face_smile:
I’ll double check. I get it confused. I know he rebuilt it at least once. Really the only beef he’s ever had with it is it makes chips faster than it can expel them, clogging it all up. Depends on what wood it’s cutting how fast and how bad it clogs.
He sure does look happy. That's a much better saw than an o29. 028 is an excellent saw though. 250 not so impressive at all imho.

Good Luck with the new saw.

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