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Mower PTO switch shuts off tractor

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Have a 3016 with a Onan in. When you turn on mower it may run rough or shuts down. Checked for fire at coil there is none. Turn off pto switch I have fire. Try again it mite work or may not. If I put a wire from battery to coil it will run fine with pto on. I can find no safety switches . I put a new pto switch on that I had and know is good So should I presume it is the ignition switch? Any other ideas. It runs good till I turn pto on. Don't want to buy a switch if don't have to. :thanku:
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Have you checked out the seat safety switch?

Safety circuit will shut it down if it does not sense the operator in the seat when the PTO is flipped on.

The previous owner taped the wires together and done away with it. I will check in to that further and let you know. :thanku:
sure sounds like the seat sw. Check the connection under the tape. If it's good the PTO switch may be bad.
Found the trouble tonite .A wire was loose in the coupler that goes to the seat switch in the tower under the steering wheel. :thanku:
Love it when there is a simple fix.

Do consider properly reworking the seat switch for proper safety function.

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