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Mower drive on Sears GT16 Varidrive

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The engine on the GT16 Varidrive tractor is a horizontal with the drive pulleys coming out the side. I have all the transmission drive belts and pulleys connected so that it drives. I have the attachment pulley on the outside of the drive pulley on the engine shaft. I don't have the parts to connect this to a belly lawn mower. Does anyone have a picture of how this is done, or can you give me a number of the mower that would connect to this tractor?
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I bought my first tractor a (77 Sears 10/6) a couple of months ago with no mower deck. 2 weeks later I bought a parts tractor (GT 14 - same as yours) that came with a deck for $65. I had a little trouble figuring out how to route the belt to the tractor, but eventually got it. The mower deck Model No. is 917.253570. Let me know if you want me to take some pics that show the set up.
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