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Mower drive on Sears GT16 Varidrive

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The engine on the GT16 Varidrive tractor is a horizontal with the drive pulleys coming out the side. I have all the transmission drive belts and pulleys connected so that it drives. I have the attachment pulley on the outside of the drive pulley on the engine shaft. I don't have the parts to connect this to a belly lawn mower. Does anyone have a picture of how this is done, or can you give me a number of the mower that would connect to this tractor?
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Tractor Info: Sears Craftsman GT16 Varidrive, Model #:917.257091, Serial#: 1280B02756, Engine Info: 1 cylinder, horizontal, 16hp. Tecumseh: Model # 143.680032.

What I was really looking for is the PTO engage mechanism. I have the parts shown in my manual installed on the tractor. There needs to be a tension/idler pulley moved by the engage foot pedal to engage the implement drive belt. That's the part I'm having trouble visualizing and a photo, diagram, or sketch may help me do that. I thought that if I had info on a mower that installs on this tractor it would show that part of the mechanism.

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The information I have is that it is a 1990 Roper. I do have the tractor manual. What I was hoping to find was a compatible mower manual that might show me the connection of the tractor PTO to the mower.
Unfortunately I do not have a mower deck for this tractor. That's why I'm looking for someone who has one so that I can access the manual for that deck and see how it is connected. The date code on this tractor shows it to be a 1980 model. I made an error when I said it was a 1990.
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