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Mower deck for what and what is worth??

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Hi guys,
I am for the Bolens forum but I need your help. What does this fit? What is it worth? And does anybody what it? No rot or rust holes.

thanks teapot

PS I am in Moscow, PA :thanku:


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Do you know anything about this?
What kind of info are you looking for? I know it will work on a Yanmar 186D with the mid-mount PTO. I have the exact same deck sitting in my shop waiting for a rebuild.

I see that the tow outer spindles have been removed. Do you have them?
Thats the info I'm looking for, what it fits. If it doesn't say Bolens I know nothing. No just the center and a cover.

thanks teapot
Pretty sure Gary Jamieson has those spindles in stock. He is in Honesdale, Pa, 570-253-4810.
He does. I ordered all of the parts to rebuild my deck from him. Spendy but worth it to me.
Thanks. I think 250 sounds very fair.

thanks teapot
If I were closer I'd come haggle with you. It would make a good parts deck. Shipping cost keeps me out of the mix.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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