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Mower deck cuts out on JD LX 176

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Hey, new to John Deere lawn tractors. Just got a used LX 176 that mowed fine the first time I used it, but when I went to mow the second time, a week later, the electric PTO seems to cut out. The deck stops receiving power, although the PTO switch has not been changed position. This was with the deck in the highest, "floating" position. Seemed to do it with the deck lowered as well. Any ideas or tests I can employ to figure out what's going on? Thanks.
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Check the air gap on the clutch. You'd need the tech manual for the LX176 to figure out what that should be.
push the clutch/ brake down and see if it starts up again. If so, your seat switch may be going out. The LX1xx's use either a relay setup or a logic controller. If you come off the seat, the blades quit, and the engine shuts down. If you get back on quick enough, it comes back to life but the blades do not. You stop, push the brake/ clutch to reset and then pull the blade switch back out and they will turn on..

If your seat switch is going out, you may only feel the power loss as a hicchup except the blade shut down
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It would stall if the seat switch was activated. The OP did not say it stalled.
If the switch quickly broke contact and then reconnected, it would just act as a hiccup with the engine, but the blades would cut out.
Thanks for the replies. Not sure what was going on (my daughter was driving it when it was cutting out), but it mowed fine this weekend without any fixes. But I have the suggestions for future reference if it reoccurs.
She may not be heavy enough for the seat switch to keep the blades activated.

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