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Mower Deck Cleaning

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I decided to pull the deck off of my x748 tonight to try out my mower axle deck stands and to clean the underside of my deck. After I had it standing upright I noticed that the previous owner didn't believe in cleaning the underside of the deck. I've mowed 2 or 3 times with it (reseeded most of my yard, plus it hasn't rained much this summer), so I'm pretty sure all the caked up grass wasn't from me. I took a 3 inch putty knife and started scraping away. In some places I got to where I could see some yellow paint, other areas had a little surface rust (at least I hope its only surface rust), and some areas no matter how much I scraped I couldn't see any paint or rust. It was just the blackish greenish color that I couldn't get through even using the corner of my putty knife.

Anyone have any suggestions on something I could use to get down to the paint on the underside of the deck so I can spray some Rustoleum and repaint. I've got a pressure washer, but I've read that you shouldn't use them on decks due to water getting in the spindles or bearings. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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My deck, before and after a pressure wash, the only reason I cleaned it was due to having to install a new belt.

It is 25 years old, I ain't painting it! That is the first time it has been cleaned in 10 years, or how long I have owned it.

I just keep it dry during storage.
The black areas in the second picture is how my deck looks in the spots where I can't see yellow. If I pressure washed it and got it to look like yours, do you think I'd need to sand it down to bare metal to put some rustoleum on it?
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