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Mower Deck Cleaning

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I decided to pull the deck off of my x748 tonight to try out my mower axle deck stands and to clean the underside of my deck. After I had it standing upright I noticed that the previous owner didn't believe in cleaning the underside of the deck. I've mowed 2 or 3 times with it (reseeded most of my yard, plus it hasn't rained much this summer), so I'm pretty sure all the caked up grass wasn't from me. I took a 3 inch putty knife and started scraping away. In some places I got to where I could see some yellow paint, other areas had a little surface rust (at least I hope its only surface rust), and some areas no matter how much I scraped I couldn't see any paint or rust. It was just the blackish greenish color that I couldn't get through even using the corner of my putty knife.

Anyone have any suggestions on something I could use to get down to the paint on the underside of the deck so I can spray some Rustoleum and repaint. I've got a pressure washer, but I've read that you shouldn't use them on decks due to water getting in the spindles or bearings. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Now Wait.......I'm one of the ones that is against the washout port on the deck,on a regular basis, but you are asking something completely different.
You want to pressure wash to clean the deck for painting ( not sure the paint does any good but no harm either) all you would do when you are all finished is pump some grease in the zerks.
Getting the deck completely clean at least once a year, or as in your case starting clean deck, then @ put away for winter, is far more important to the longevity of your deck.
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