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mower blades--bad news

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A month and a half ago I ordered a new set of mower blades for my 1650 (48" mmm) at Jacks Small Engines. The guy said at that time he didn't know how much longer they'd still be available. I got that set, wanted to make sure they were the right ones before ordering another set, so I ordered another set of blades. Yesterday they called and told me the blades are no longer available. Anyone know of another source of blades for these old mowers?
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I'll find some blades somewhere. I'm not going to quit useing this tractor & mower.
Thats just great! Guess what I am just about finished restoring!
What is the width and bolt pattern
1/2" center hole, 2- 1/4" holes 2 1/8" apart. 16 1/4" length. The blades I did get have Stens 335-034 on them, replaces Snapper 7019880 & Snapper 1-9880 on the sticker.
I am also in the process of rebuilding my 48" deck and need blades.

Has anyone thought of using blades from another G.T brand that might need only slight mods to work ( center hole enlarging and drilling outer holes).
Also I was on the Oregon website and they have blades on there list that are the same length the only prob is the center hole is either smaller or larger slightly and the outer holes need to be drilled.


I should have some new blades avail. email specs and part numbers and `ll check. pattonacres AT
Mower blades are heat treated and are not easily drilled.
Picked up some blades today, ordered them on Friday but was a little sceptical when the guy said they would be in today. I thought for sure they weren't going to be the right ones, but to my pleasure they the ones. He said they are still listed on the system as available. Just a few odds and ends and the deck should be ready to reassemble.
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