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Mow in

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My wife and I went up the Gravely mow in today. They have a very good turn out of exhibitors with all kinds of set ups for walk behind and a few riders. There is even a stretched rider, the hood must be 6 ft. long and 2 big exhaust pipes sticking out the back.
The hosts Mr,& Mrs. Yodre have a beautiful place , and all is set up to move around with ease and there is a large building with a kitchen and tables and air conditioned .

The tractor raffle that is one pretty unit, it looks better than new, bought two books of tickets. Anyone who win this is getting a real prize.

Anyone who is on the east coast should go spend some time. Met a couple there today from Toronto Ca.
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:1221: You tease us with no pics !!!, sounds great but next time :wwp: :D .
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