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motor vibration

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I swapped an F motor today. I got it together and its runs but vibrates more than the old motor. I think it could be three things.

The blade could be bent
The blade could be in the wrong position in relation to TDC.
I could be running the wrong flywheel

The shortblocks are the same part number. I had an old and new style flywheel. I used the older flywheel and set the blade at 90 to the motor with the piston at TDC. I then tried the blade perpendicular to the cylinder with no change in results. It still seems to vibrate excessively. I'm going to check a little deeper tomorrow and measure it to see if its true.
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I think on F series we supposed to set the blade parallel with the piston at TDC? I know that the DFs I set at 90 degree (perpendicular) to the piston at TDC and it did help with vibration. My little 5247 is vibrating a bit and I am going to check the TDC and blade orientation.
Did you check the blade balance? Running a flat blade or blade with stiffener built in?

You run the blade parallel to the piston at TDC on F's to try and lessen vibration.
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