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motor swap thread?

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anyone have a list of what motors will swap out easy ? hard ?

can we make one ? I know alot of you guys have swapped more than one... ;)

I have a 17 OHV Briggs single with broken rod.
a Kohler 15.5
and a 19 HP opposed twin.

If i swap the 15.5 kohler for the 17 briggs, would we notice any difference in power?

Hope I'm not beating ... holy crap, you have a smiley for it !!! :beatdeadh
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The Kohler will have more torque than the Briggs so it may feel like you have more power actually.

But the big question is... will it swap in easy ?
and.. unfortunately, my Kohler decided it needs a new coil, has only 50 psi compression. So it's now a boat anchor to me.
I did find another one on c-list.... $75
According to the Kohler Service Manual the CV15/16 are 26 CI.
The Briggs is 31 CI.
I doubt the engine with 19% more displacement is going to have less torque.

How many threads is this now about your 2.5 tractors? It makes it hard to follow.
Apparently you're more interested posting than listening?

My last post on this matter.
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