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Motor Swap - 15.5--16 or 17hp

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I have a Dynamark(Murray) mower with a 15.5hp Tecumseh OHV engine. It is in great shape but has a blown motor. It was run dry of oil and i believe it snapped the connecting rod.

I want to put another motor on it. So my question is do Briggs and Stratton have the same bolt pattern for mounting as Tecumseh and how many shaft length/diameter variants are there in the 15hp - 17hp range? Or are they all pretty similar?

Thanks so much for the help, i'm a newbie here so i appreciate it.

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I've done a few swaps and find that they all had multiple patterns in the engine mounting plate. I took a 20 hp Kohler single out of an 07 Husqvarna and dropped in an 18 horse Briggs twin. Everything bolted right up, shaft size was the same. Wiring was totally different and I ended up with a kill button and a mower that now mows backing up and keeps running when I get off. Also had to work on the cables a bit.
I also put a Briggs twin into a 11 JD, had to do some body mods but it bolted right in and the shaft was the same.
I love those twins, so much smoother than singles.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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