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Motor Question ?

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I have a new to me Murry 40 inch cut rideing mower.

It is a 1996 and the model number is 40708x92a it is powered by a 12.5 Briggs and Stratton motor #'s are 286707 041301 code 91090631.

It sure appears to be the origional engine with all wireing connectors linkage etc. in as issue shape. My question is the top of the motor has a lable that says " Craftsman Gold Series". At one time I thought that there had been a change made but as I said it sure looks as issue except for the tag. Has anyone ever heard of a murry with a Sears motor?

Thanks for any information you can supply. George T.
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I know Murray did make some Sears tractors,sold under the Craftsman label,but my guess is someone swapped that engine on it somwhere along the line...or maybe just the sheet metal part that had the Craftsman tag on it maybe??..
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