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More F525 help, wiring

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I need some more help on my f525 project. I bought this mower in pieces, and the engine had a broken rod.
I now having the engine reassembled and back in the machine.
I now have some wiring questions. I need to know what is between the battery and starter. Is it just a cable or is there something else?
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I will look tomorrow for you,
Heres a pix of the starter,kinda close quarters but you can see theres one red wire that goes along with the pos cable from the battery.


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So there's nothing between the starter and the battery?
No,just the positive cable.
Ok, I think I go that figured out. I do not have a pto switch yet. Am I correct in assuming I can't start this mower without that plugged in?
Im thinking it will start without the pto switch but not sure.
Update. The mower is together and cranking. I am not getting fuel to the carb. How exactly does that pump on this mower? Do I need a new one?

Also when I crank it to try to start it, the forward/reverse linkage is getting hot. Am I grounded somewhere I shouldn't be?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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