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monkey ward gil 1585D

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Hello i got this tiller for free and its problem was no spark. The coil pack does not have a connector up top so to replace/remove I have to take off the flywheel. The issue with that is in front of that there is a aluminum bracket that was part of the recoil system. After soaking the aluminum bracket in oil for a few days it would not come off with a puller. So like the impatient person i am i put heat to it and melted it (facepalm). I cannot find the model information anywhere Model # Gil 1585D Ser # 526202 534
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That bracket that you heated is the clutch for the rewind. Take a small hammer and flat punch and unwind it counter clockwise. It is threaded.
No problem. Save the little round balls. Their hard to find. Let me know if you need a new used one.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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