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I have a G707 moline with 1805hrs. Can some one tell me about these machines. What are they worth, are they good tractors? What horsepower? Year? Number produced?
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I don't have the slightest idea to your questions MS, but did want to say :Welcome1: , hopefully someone will be along that can give you some answers, you can bet on that :fing32:
Thanks Jim, Maybe someone knows more about this machine than I do. Again Thanks.
The 707 is a good dependable farm tractor. That's about all I know except they pulled a 4 bottom plow and it was a HELLOFA long way around a section of land in the Texas panhandle on the evening shift.
The Minneapolis Moline G707 was only made in 1965, has 101 HP 6 cylinder diesel motor, 5 speeds forward and 1 reverse gear, weighs 7800 pounds with no attachments or wheel weights, and cost $7000 when new. I couldn't find the total produced, but would assume it is a small number. As to what it's worth now? You don't say if this tractor is currently in running condition, how much rust there is, does it leak or smoke, how bent up is the sheet metal? Is it missing parts? Was it stored indoors or outside? With less than 2000 hours, it could be worth a lot or a little depending on condition. A picture would be MOST helpful.
Thanks for the info. The G707 was used up until about two years ago to farm a small hay patch. Upgraded to a 4440 JD, you know, air conditioning and radio. The sheet metal is straight, uses no oil pulling a 15 foot chisel with a disc drill behind. No rust, no leaks. The left brake is a little weak, possibly from pulling a one way plow. Appears to have been inside most of its life. Has been inside last 8 years that we have owned her. The paint is good for her age. the tires are about 75%, all of them with water ballast. Sorry no picture, no digital camera. I forgot to say that she is a propane unit. Any ideas out there haw many were diesel and propane. Thanks MS
Propane Hmmmmmmmm...... I'll have to look a little more as the only reference I could find mentioned only diesel.
I surfed a little farther out in the big waves, and found some more info. From I learned that the G707 is the 2WD version on the G708. They were available in propane, diesel, and gas. Were very heavy towards the rear providing excellent traction. Put used an older design transmission, that wasn't quite as strong as the motor, and so this tractor shouldn't be pushed to the max in yanking and abrupt pulling. The other apparent complaint is that they take a lot of space to turn around. Most were not equiped with a rear 3 point hitch. Still can't find production numbers.
sorry didn't see this sooner but haven't had computer on in a few days all joes info is corrct to add to it the 707 was a newer version of the 705 wich massey sold as the 97. we still use a gvi mm wich is same physical size just less power and there is no such thing as a tight turn. there is a pad to control deflection on the crown gear that needs to be adjusted periodically wich eliminates rear end trouble (we learnt that one the hard way on our 705)
production 707 lpg 283 units, diesel 415 fyi production on the 708 (same thing with fwa) lpg 31, diesel 75 as far as value they sold new for $7000 and running with decent tin and tires would bring close to that today
Thanks alot for all the useful information. I might have to get the old girl out of the barn and loosen her up a bit. Thanks again, MS
glad to help how about some pictures of it when you get it out
Will have to get my daughter with the digital camera to help me out there. Thanks MS
Hey Bear, got the old girl out of the barn. Turned over about four times and fired off after approx three years. Drove her 18 miles to town with out a hitch. Curious about the crown gear adjustment, tell me more.
glad to hear it running good
on the right side behind where the belt pulley would be are adjusting bolts with locknuts they hold a pad up against the crown gear to limit deflection i'll have to look it up for specs on setting them..its been a while since i've adjusted one
I'm also glad the the "Old girl" got to stretch her legs. Interesting that it was a trip to town. You must live in a very rural area to be able to do that.
I live a town with 650 people. The tractor has been stored in a barn 18 miles out since I've owned her. I have a hay patch there at the barn, and two in town.
This is a 705 propane in NE that they are asking $6500 for.
Might give you some Idea of yours worth.

Thank you for the info, used the old girl last week to sow wheat. Have some pictures of the fun, will try to put on later. Thanks Michael
Do not know how to post the pictures, any help apreciated. Thanks Michael
here goes when you click on post reply if you scroll down there is a manage attachments button click on it and then you can pick the pictures off your computer and upload them i seem to have figured it out with help so anyone should be able to do it :goodl:
looking forward to the pics
Do not know how to post the pictures, any help apreciated. Thanks Michael
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