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Moline 602 Diesel

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My family owns a Moline 602 Diesel that we have had for the past 35 years. It has always been stored inside and the sheet metal is all in excellent condition. It runs well and the rubber is good. It has an oil leak at the steering box, but its not too serious. The tractor has been used for light haying work, and loader work on our acerage. I have sold the last of the haying equipment and am going to part with the Minnie. Does anyone have a general idea as to what it would be worth? My apologies if this is the wrong sitee to post this on. Many thanks for the help, fellows...
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We'll do our best, but... for the most part... we're just amateur afficianados giving opinions.

We don't see a whole lot of 'traffic' in the Minneapolis-Moline sub-forum. I'm not sure what the knowledge level is for these tractors.

I looked your tractor up on to get some basic specifications.

Looks like it was only built in 1963 and 1964. The limited production range typically makes a tractor a bit more valuable, from a collectors standpoint, but... maybe not so desireable from a 'usage' standpoint.
64HP, Cat2 3-point and 540 Independant PTO makes for a REAL workhorse, in my opinion... and a diesel engine would be a plus since they're typically more efficient... particularly in a "working" application, such as a tractor.

Retail, in 1964, was $5100... for older tractors like this... a lot of times, the bigger tractors (which this is tending towards) sell for less than the slightly smaller ones do. Based SOLELY on my personal opinions (and not really taking into account the potential marketplace, in Alberta) $5000 would probably be a good price. If it's in immaculate condition (no caked on grease/dirt/oil... plus a GOOD paint job... and GOOD tires)... you might could see as much as $7500.

Hope this helps...
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Many thanks for the reply....the help is appreciated. It gives me a good idea as to a starting point for it. Thanks again....
welcome to MTF
a 602 had a short production run but basically the same tractor as m5 right up to the m670 I paid $600 for a 670 lp with loader but its rough 670's at farm sales around here with loaders bring $2500-3000 wich is a lot of tractor for that money. they should be bringing more but just don't seem to your best bet may be advertising without the loader in a mag like antique power where a collector will see it unless of course it is a MM loader as well
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