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moisture in hour/gas meter X500

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Hey folks,

Whenever I run the mower or blower my hour meter and gas indicator gets "steamed" up. I have called the dealer and they claim to not know what the problem is, but act like they will try to figure it out, but I thought I would see what you guys had to say too. I have never run her in the rain and never hosed her off. She has been snowed on while blowing, but this has happened from the beginning (two summers ago). Thanks for any input.:trink40:
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sounds like there must be moisture trapped in it. When ever the tractor is run it warms up enough to cause condensation. Have your ever left it parked out side on some sunny days to see if it will dry out? Do you park it in a dry environment, some sheds can be pretty damp.

Yes - it will dry up between uses. I park it in an under house garage summer and winter. It may be a little damp, but it stays at a pretty constant temperature and never freezes.
I know our tractors without a cab will do that from time to time but never really figured it out, but our sheds do get damp.
My X520 has done this from day one. I have just learned to deal with it.
We discussed this problem last fall ( can't remember the thread ) one guy even had his dealer replace the whole dash and meter, didn't help !!
Mine on my X520 seems to do it most in late afternoon as it begins to cool off. and after snow blowing for a while.
It has to have to do with temp and humidity, and the gauge not being sealed too well. Just my opinion.
I agree I don't think its anything to worry about.
my X500 has always done it and so has my L130, i attribute it to living here in a very humid area.
My X720 does the same thing time to time. I talked to a buddy that works for a dealer, said it is a known problem and pretty much they aren't worried about it.
Nothing you can do about that it all depends on how much mositure is in the air, mine has never done it , but it stays in a climate controlled building and i use it only on dry days. It do rinse it off and the only thing that does fog up is the head lights but it goes away when it is dry. :drunkie:
This is a common problem - moisture condensation in the instrument panel. When you run your tractor, heat from the engine warms it up and vapor fogs up the instruments.

You can try to leave it out in the sun for a day to see if the sun's heat will drive the moisture out of it.

Alternatively, you can put a droplight near the instrument panel to provide heat to drive the moisture out. Not too close - you don't want to melt the plastic!!

This condensation forming in the instrument panel is normal. Even if you drive it out, it'll come back.
I had mine replaced on our X520 and the new guage package does the same, just have to live with it.
my new x 300 do the same from first day.:crybaby:
I bought my x500 with high expectations....and after 55 hours, it does the same thing....fogs up and can't read the numbers....I had a big box LT 120 with over 500 hours and never did it.... I have complained and service will replace my dash....I know it's not a big super deal...but it should not do that ....
My X500 only has 33 hrs and it fogs up a bit. I can still read the numbers though. It has never been left out in the rain.
My x530 does it too. Only has 76 hours on it. The numbers aren't unreadable, but it's still foggy enough that you have to look more closely than normal.

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I have a x540 an it does the same thing every time I run it. Mine is stored in an attached garage so it seems the issue is relative humidity and poor engineering.

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